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Corporate press releases 2001

18/12/2001 : DSL Meets The TV.

14/12/2001 : Thomson multimedia to acquire the Grass Valley Group.

13/12/2001 : Thomson multimedia and Gracenote team to provide one-stop resource for digital music.

12/12/2001 : Thomson multimedia finalizes successful bank syndication and raises amount to 1,200,000,000 euros.

27/11/2001 : Thomson multimedia extends functionality of digital cable modems, expands broadband line to strengthen MSO support.

17/10/2001 : Thomson multimedia: Revenues for the Third Quarter of 2.4 Billion Euros.

04/10/2001 : Canada’s leading consumer Internet portal selects Thomson multimedia for streaming content search.

03/10/2001 : Thomson multimedia and launch mp3PRO on web site.

25/09/2001 : RealNetworks selects Thomson multimedia for streaming content search.

24/09/2001 : Support for mp3PRO builds with computer software and hardware manufacturers.

24/09/2001 : Additional layer of digital video content security: Micronas and Thomson multimedia To Cooperate on Protection of Digital Content

21/09/2001 : Appointments in Thomson multimedia

20/09/2001 : Thomson multimedia unveiled innovative solutions for the digital transition at IBC 2001

17/09/2001 : Thomson multimedia spotlights advanced digital xDSL decoder gateway with multiple capabilities for broadband interactive services

14/09/2001 : Matsushita and Thomson multimedia to Strengthen Cooperation in Picture Tube Supply

10/09/2001 : MP3pro wins software support for encoding, playback, content, and digital rights management

25/08/2001 : Thomson multimedia offers "An Extraordinary Journey" of home entertainment at Berlin Electronics Expo

03/08/2001 : Technicolor to expand its digital services by acquiring audio post-production company

31/07/2001 : DIRECTV sells 4.1 million shares of Thomson multimedia, remains a member of Thomson multimedia's Board and of its Strategic Committee and the 2 Groups have confirmed their intention to reinforce their cooperation.

25/07/2001 : First Half 2001 results: Revenue growth and jump in operating profit and margin

25/06/2001 : Thomson multimedia charts more than half a million downloads for mp3PRO demonstration software

14/06/2001 : Thomson multimedia launches new mp3PRO with free download availability of demonstration software

13/06/2001 : Thomson multimedia Strengthens Cable Product Support With New-Generation Voice Over IP Telephony Modem

13/06/2001 : Thomson multimedia To Provide Comcast Online With Second-Generation High-Speed Digital Cable Modems

12/06/2001 : Thomson multimedia confirms its objective for significant growth in operating income for the first-half of 2001

12/06/2001 : Thomson multimedia to acquire Alcatel’s DSL modems activity

05/06/2001 : Thomson multimedia to offer new global DSL set-top receiver with multiple capabilities for digital TV, VOD, interactive services

30/05/2001 : Thomson multimedia unveils copy protection proposal designed to provide additional layer of digital content security.

17/05/2001 : Thomson multimedia extends alliances with microsoft to include Xbox products

: Thomson multimedia Signs 100th mp3 Licensee.

12/04/2001 : Good activity level for the first quarter 2001, with a 14% revenue growth.

05/04/2001 : Easyplug, the new Powerline Communications joint venture between Schneider Electric and Thomson multimedia, launches its first products.

04/04/2001 : Thomson multimedia exceeds 1 million digital cable modem milestone, further expanding high-speed Internet access.

22/03/2001 : ATLINKS launches WebTouch® Partner Program.

22/03/2001 : ATLINKS and UBICCO to ensure interoperability between WebTouch Internet terminals and MoViE software.

22/03/2001 : ATLINKS and HIMALAYA announce cooperation on Web appliances in business applications.

22/03/2001 : Thomson multimedia completes acquisition of Professional broadcast activities of Philips

16/03/2001 : Sale of Technicolor Completed

16/03/2001 : Thomson multimedia to continue as a key provider of digital satellite systems under new 2-year pact with DIRECTV Latin America

15/03/2001 : Digital television from RCA reaches new levels of consumer affordability

15/03/2001 : NEC sells 3 million Thomson multimedia shares to reinforce its financing capacity

14/03/2001 : NEC and Thomson multimedia announce intention to combine their worldwide plasma displays businesses in a 50/50 joint-venture.

08/03/2001 : ATLINKS and LEXMARK join forces to offer consumers the first Surf & Print solution on the WEB TOUCH® range of products.

05/03/2001 : Rhodia, Schneider Electric, Thomson multimedia and Usinor announce the creation of KeyMRO, the first global service company specializing in purchasing via the Internet.

12/02/2001 : Thomson multimedia's 2000 results: record year with 36% revenue growth and 50% operating result increase.

24/01/2001 : Thomson multimedia opens a new research laboratory in Princeton, U.S.A.

15/01/2001 : Definitive agreement reached with Carlton Communications for the acquisition of Technicolor by Thomson multimedia.

09/01/2001 : New mp3 Digital Audio Codec announced by Thomson multimedia will improve sound quality at lower bit rates.


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