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RCA products press releases 2002


09/27/02 : RCA Scenium goes widescreen with new High-Definition Television Entertainment from Thomson.

09/27/02 : Thomson previews new RCA High-Definition Set-top Receiver designed to deliver optimum performance programming from terrestrial broadcast sources.

09/26/02 : Thomson accents world-class RCA Scenium product launch with innovative retail displays based on global design.

09/26/02 : Three new GE Multi-Line Telephones from ATLINKS target growing number of professionals who work in home or small offices.

08/09/02 : Atlinks' new 900mhz product line features affordable ge-brand cordless telephones with fresh designs, caller id, and digital messaging.

08/08/02 : Thomson previews new generation of RCA-DIRECTV® systems with expanded program search, caller id capabilities plus sleek new design.

08/08/02 : Thomson offers early look at new RCA-DIRECTV® high-definition receiver designed to deliver optimum performance programming from DIRECTV, digital over-the-air, and analog broadcasts.

08/01/02 : As school days return, savvy students look to latest RCA entertainment gear for leisure enjoyment.

02/07/10 : Thomson takes High-Definition Television to new heights with RCA Scenium HDTV sets equipped to receive digital broadcasts, surf with high-speed connectivity.

02/07/10 : New line of RCA Scenium HDTV monitors from Thomson integrate DVD with Widescreen Projection panorama.

02/07/10 : RCA Scenium combines progressive scan DVD player with convenience of no-fee hard drive recording.

02/07/10 : RCA Scenium high performance audio systems bring powerful digital audio/video to your home theatre.

02/07/10 : RCA Lyra mp3 jukebox stores thousands of files and songs in affordable, portable package.

02/07/10 : RCA mp3 personal CD players and home audio systems deliver high performance and new features.

02/07/10 : Thomson expands RCA Lyra portable mp3 product line with three new players.

02/01/29 : Thomson multimedia, Fox Sports team up to deliver ‘wide picture’ of Super Bowl XXXVI.

02/01/07 : Thomson multimedia expands range of high-end RCA Scenium line with new HDTV, DVD and audio products.

02/01/07 : Three new RCA Scenium plasma models from Thomson multimedia offer full HDTV monitor capability for 2002.

02/01/07 : RCA Lyra Personal Jukebox stores thousands of songs and computer files in a portable, lightweight package.

02/01/07 : Thomson multimedia delivers total package of mp3 solutions with extensive line of RCA portable and home audio systems.

02/01/07 : Enhanced video performance for Xbox gaming and DVD options add new functionality to RCA televisions.

02/01/07 : Thomson multimedia's RCA DWD495RG assures viewers always have favorite programs to watch with up to 70 hours of recording capability.



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