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Thomson multimedia launches miThic, a unique technology to deliver personalized interactive music services.

NEC, the first mobile service provider to offer the functionality to 67 million mobile phone users in Japan.

Paris, Tokyo- February 25, 2002 - Thomson multimedia (Paris euroclear: 18453; NYSE: TMS) announced the launch of miThic, a unique new interactive music service with its first application available for mobile phone users in Japan through its partnership with NEC Corporationís e-business division that specializes in services for Internet and mobile platform operators.

Under the agreement, NEC will become the first mobile services provider in Asia to offer Thomsonís miThic to all of the major Japanese mobile operators, who together have over 67 million subscribers and 50 million IP users (source data: TCA, February 2002).

John A. Neville, Senior Executive Vice President of New Media Services said, "This agreement marks the first step in allowing end users to generate their own personalized melodies. While mobile phones are the first platform to incorporate this innovative technology, numerous additional examples of implementation will follow in the coming months." Katsuhiro Onoda, Executive Consultant of NEC said "It is great to be able to have or receive gift wrapped personalized music which is created just for me. Thomson made it possible and NEC made it available to any mobile phone users."

Create your personalized tunes on your mobile

The miThic music composer is a breakthrough application that allows mobile phone users to create original music compositions instantly through the push-button interface on telephones. miThic is an acronym for "music interactive Thomson instant composer" and is the most advanced form of computer-generated music available in the world today.

At the heart of miThic is the end-userís ability to compose and interactively improvise. By using its mobile phone, the end user can "dial" the feel, tempo and genre of the tune. The signal is then relayed via the cellular network back to NECís miThic server and the music is then generated by a computer. Users may spontaneously generate then regenerate music to suit their moods.

What is miThic technology

miThic is based on a sophisticated software architecture - which, thanks to Thomson engineers in its Rennes Research and Development Laboratory, can be contained within a surprisingly small software "footprint" - allowing the user to conjure almost infinite variations of melody, harmony, rhythm and virtual instrumentation. This technology is currently capable of producing over two billion individual interactive compositions, using with all the underlying harmonic and rhythmic structures found across the international spectrum of styles and genres.

Other Markets

The applications for royalty-free music in private as well as public venues are too numerous to list at this point. Thomson is pursuing those opportunities with the greatest promise. Obvious candidates include the markets for "environmental" or background music .

To further develop miThic, Thomsonís team has cemented relationships with major international developers of computer games (a $10 billion market and growing) and interactive toys. Further research has already produced the preliminary schematics to embed miThic technology onto a relatively small computer chip (or integrated circuit). Promising negotiations have also begun to implement miThic-based services as part of SMS (small message services), sports experiences (as musical "signatures" for teams, players and events during the game) and as part of overall or pervasive audio-branding services for major consumer products, where miThic offers brands the chance to generate vast numbers of individual compositions, adjustable according to individual or regional tastes, that are nonetheless united by "branded" melodic or harmonic characteristics.

"The entire miThic team has done an outstanding job of maximizing the technology and conceptualising the business opportunities, illustrating Thomsonís New Media Services strategy to provide enabling solutions across the digital media value chain." said Louis E. Lenzi, Vice President of Global Business Development and New Ventures for New Media Services.

About Thomson multimedia
With sales of 10.5 billion Euros (U.S. $ 9.3 billion) in 2001 and 73,000 employees in more than 30 countries, Thomson multimedia (Paris Euroclear: 18453) (NYSE: TMS), provides a wide range of video (and enabling) technologies, systems, finished products and services to consumers and professionals in the entertainment and media industries. To advance and enable the digital media transition, Thomson multimedia has five principal activities: Digital Media Solutions, Displays and Components, Consumer Products, Patents and Licensing, and New Media Services. The company distributes its products under the THOMSON, RCA and TECHNICOLOR brand names.

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