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Leading brands

Our brands' powerful personalities ensure worldwide presence for Thomson multimedi, both in the consumer and professional market. Specific identities and market positioning of the brands underline the strength and unity of the group.

  • In the Americas, Thomson multimedia markets the RCA and G.E. consumer electronics brands, enabling the company to offer video, audio, and communications products that address all marketing channels, from basic to advanced.

  • In Europe, Thomson multimedia markets its products mainly under the Thomson brand.

  • In Asia, Thomson multimedia markets Thomson, RCA and G.E. consumer electronic brands, enabling the group to offer video, audio and communication products that address local marketing needs.

    In addition to its well-established consumer electronic brands, Thomson multimedia, through its recently acquired-Technicolor brand, gives content providers, broadcasters, network operators and advertisers the digital building blocks required to deploy electronic entertainment services. Technicolor has evolved as the number one processor of motion-picture film to become the world's largest independent manufacturer and distroibutor of DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, CD Audio and videocassettes.


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