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Thomson multimedia's Ethics Charter


Following a proposal by Chairman Thierry Breton and the company's Executive Committee, Thomson multimedia adopted a worldwide ethics charter in July 2000. The charter reflects Thomson's role as a global business leader and is designed to strengthen the trust of its millions of customers and investors around the world.

The charter was adopted and signed by the nearly 400 members of Thomson's three management networks: the Executive Committee, the Operational Committee, and the company's 300 "Entrepreneurs." By signing, these executives individually and collectively pledged to uphold Thomson's values and to require their organizations to do the same.

The charter is posted at every company location and serves as a daily reminder of Thomson's responsibilities in its business ventures and relationships, including those with fellow employees.

According to Thierry Breton, "As a global company, Thomson multimedia constantly builds consumer confidence and trust. It is a must for our organization, and for each of us individually, to set a proper example through our behavior. We must put these values into practice on a daily basis and aim to make our company an exemplary ethical leader in every country in which we operate."

Thomson multimedia's Global Ethics Charter:


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The Ethics Charter