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Worldwide organization

The global organization of Thomson multimedia is based on 5 activities (Digital Media Solutions, Displays and Components, Consumer Products, New Media Services, Patents and Licencing) which encompass 7 Strategic Business Units (SBU). In addition 6 Corporate functions provide support for business activities.

  • Five activities

    - Digital Media Solution (professional solution for broadcasters, content providers and network operators to manage the transition to digital media)
    - Displays & Components (for pictures tubes, plasma, TV & video components, optical components, ...)
    - Consumer Products
    The consumer products activity includes three SBUs :
    • Worldwide TV/Video SBU
    • Audio & ATLINKS SBU for home and portable audio and communications products.
    • Broadband Access Products SBU for digital decoders, cable modems and other broadband products.

    These 3 Consumer Products SBUs are supported by a worldwide Consumer Products Marketing & Sales organization.

  • - Patents & Licensing to manage the group's patents portfolio and develop licensing agreements
    - New Media and Services for interactive services

  • The six corporate functions

    - Corporate Secretary (for legal, environment, and real estate)
    - Finance function (for accounting, finance controlling and information systems)
    - Communications and entrepreneurship (for internal and external communications as well as management networks through communications, organization and incentives)
    - Human Resources (for work force organization and skills development)
    - Research & Innovation (for research programs and innovation projects, IC design, advanced support to product development, business development and technology partnership, standardization)
    - Business Performance (for IT, sourcing and supply chain management)



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