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3 management networks


The Executive Committee comprises 16 members. In addition to the Chairman and CEO, and the five Senior Executive Vice Presidents, the Executive Commitee also includes the leaders of the Strategic Business Units and support operations.

  • Thierry Breton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Thomson multimedia and THOMSON S.A
  • Al Arras , Senior Executive Vice President, Audio, ATLINKS and Digital Media Technologies businesses
  • Frank E. Dangeard, Senior Executive Vice President, Vice-Chairman of the board of Directors, Corporate Coordination
  • Charles Dehelly, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, in charge of Operations Coordination, SPRING and SAFE Programs and Business Performance
  • John Neville, Senior Executive Vice President, head of Patents and Licensing New Media Services
  • Lanny Raimondo, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Executive Officer TECHNICOLOR, in charge of Digital Media Solutions

    Other members of the Executive Committee :

  • Olivier Barberot, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
  • Jean-Charles Hourcade, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Research and Innovation
  • Julian Waldron, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
  • Patrice Maynial, Senior Vice President, Corporate Secretary
  • Eric Meurice, Executive Vice President, Worldwide TV/Video
  • Marc Meyer, Senior Vice President, Communications and Entrepreneurship
  • Mike O'Hara, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Consumer Products Marketing and Sales
  • Enrique Rodriguez, Executive Vice President, in charge of Broadband Access Products
  • Gilles Taldu, Executive Vice President, in charge of Displays and Components


    The 60 members have quarterly meetings. The Operational Committee submits proposals to and implements decisions made by the Executive Committee.


    They represent all specialities and regions. Meeting semi-annually, they are selected on the basis of their ability to contribute to the Group's performance. They are particularly responsible for communicating key messages to the whole organization.


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