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Environment and quality

The creation of the Environmental Health and Safety Charter
testifies to Thomson multimedia's commitment to protect the natural balance of our planet :

A series of measures have been put into effect, among them :

- A Product Life Cycle Management
strategy to take into account a systematic view of the design, manufacturing, use and ultimate disposal of products in order to continuously minimize their environmental impacts.

- Environmental Policies and Guidelines to conduct business in a safe and environmentally responsible manner and to provide guidance for the development, implementation and maintenance of core EH&S; programs. When governmental regulations are more stringent, programs have to be implemented accordingly.

- Training programs to provide environmental awareness to all employees

- A steady and comprehensive Environmental Audit program of manufacturing facilities to ensure continuous improvement of pollution prevention ; land, water and air protection ; waste minimization and reclaim ; energy and natural resources conservation.

- A computerized environmental data tracking system to facilitate worldwide consolidation of indicators.

- an Environmental Performance assessment procedure to score achievements towards meeting established objectives and goals.

Protecting the environment by reducing waste and emissions, and recycling material are integral parts of Thomson multimedia's corporate policy. Integrating these values into our processes, products and services are key ingredients for sustaining the environment: during 2000 manufacturing sites generated 101,300 tonnes of non-hazardous and hazardous waste among which 63,200 tonnes (62,4%) were recycled/reclaimed.

Some Thomson multimedia manufacturing sites are already certified according to ISO 14001 standards requirements. Corporate commitment is to get all manufacturing sites certified by January 1st, 2005.


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Environmental Health and Safety Charter

Product Life CycleManagement