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Addressing new needs

Digital Media Solution (DMS) is strategic for the development of Thomson multimedia. In order to address the needs in technology, systems and services of digital media, Thomson multimedia has made several key investments and established new industrial partnerships, in the area of network technology, professional broadcast and content access.

In June 2000, Thomson multimedia has joined forces with Alcatel to create Nextream, a leader in interactive video networks. Nextream regroups the 2 groups' activities in MPEG network products, multimedia head-ends and HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) solutions for cable TV networks. Nextream is leader in Europe for the interactive multimedia terminals.

Professional broadcast equipment
In marc 2001, Thomson multimedia has completed the acquisition of professional broadcast activities of Philips. The new entity, which includes the previous professional broadcast activities from Thomson broadcast systems, Philips Professional Broadcast is called Thomson multimedia Broadcast Solutions. Together with Nextream, it addresses end-to-end needs of the businesses which operate in the digital media chain. Thomson multimedia Broadcast Solutions had a proforma turnover of over 400 million Euros of sales in 2000 and employed 1,600 people. The new entity is leader in its market in Europe and N�2 world-wide.

Technicolor is the world leader in services to the media and content industries, including processing and distributing motion picture film. It is the largest independent manufacturer and distributor of DVD digital discs and distributor of video cassettes.

Technicolor is also a leader in the development of Digital Cinema through the formation of a joint venture with Qualcomm and has developed digital rights management services to and with its clients.
To build streaming media capabilities, Thomson multimedia purchased, a company that helps search engines identify audio and video streams as well as mp3 audio files.


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