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Leading supplier in color picture tubes

Thomson Tube operations, one of the largest producers of color picture tubes in the world today, manufactures and sells over 16 million tubes each year. Our color picture tube plants operates in the United States (Marion), Mexico (Mexico City), Italy (Anagni), Poland (Piaseczno) and China (Foshan). The group morevover announced in 1999 the construction of a plant in Mexicali (Mexico), which production should start mid 2001. As one of the leading international exporters of entertainment tubes, the entire world is our market place.

We offer the most complete selection of color picture tubes available from any supplier, ranging from 19V (20") up to 38V (40"). Thomson is one of the leaders in Large and Very Large Sizes color picture tubes.

With the benefit of 50 years of CRT design, including the development of the first shadow mask CRT, Thomson has always been a pioneer of color television. Based on this unique knowledge, Thomson engineers developed a new generation of "True Flat" CRTs based on tension mask flat-screen technology. Thomson believes that displays are at the hearth of each TV's manufacturers product strategies.

The Thomson production process is vertically integrated with picture tube components to maximize our glass, deflection yoke and electron gun production capabilities.


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